Since 1972
1000 Lucerne Road, suite 200
Town of Mount Royal, QC H3R 2H9

Our Team

Our tutors are very qualified and experienced with learning difficulties.


Vanessa teaches elementary and high school students in English and French. She has experience teaching history, social sciences, proper essay formation, study and organizational skills and strategies.


Christopher teaches math, general science, chemistry and physics at the high school and CEGEP levels as well as chemistry and chemical engineering at the university level.


Simon is working on his Ph.D. in physics. He has great experience tutoring high school level math and physics and CEGEP level statistics, calculus, linear algebra and physics.


Kian has a bachelor's degree in English and Anthropology and a Master's degree in English and American Studies. She has experience tutoring elementary and high school students in English language arts. Her main areas of specialization are writing, reading comprehension and literary analysis, and grammar.


Leela has been working in the Education field, both internationally and locally, since 2007. She has two Education degrees from McGill University, (B.Ed. and M.Ed) with experience teaching students who have learning difficulties. Leela tutors at the high school level in English, Canadian History,study and organizational skills and strategies.


Liz has been a special educator for forty years. Her specialty is working with children who have been diagnosed as dyslexic. Liz designs individualized programs to help these children overcome their difficulty and to reach their potential.


Olivier has two bachelor's degrees, one in Education and one in Film Animation. He worked four years as head English teacher in South Korea. This is his third full year teaching at Lansdowne. Olivier tutors elementary and high school students, specializing in French and math, but also tutors English, history and science.


After completing a BSc. in biology and an MSc. in behavioural ecology from Concordia. Patrick currently teaches secondary sciences. Though it may seem as though sciences are his only preoccupation, literature, music and sports are a constant source of inspiration and regularly influence his teaching.


Rick has been working with teenagers with learning disabilities for fifteen years, and is currently completing a doctoral degree in Educational and Counselling Psychology. He tutors primarily high school math and science, and CEGEP level statistics. Rick also gives prep workshops for the Grade 10 Math CST and Grade 10 SN/TS MELS exam every spring.


Tony graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor’s in Science (BSc) in Biochemistry, a MSc in Food Science and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry (Human Nutrition). He has been a college professor in the chemistry department at John Abbott College since 2007. Tony has an extensive knowledge base in various sciences and mathematics and has taught all levels starting from high school up to and including university level. Tony has approximately twenty years of teaching experience in basic sciences such as chemistry and physics as well as mathematics both on a one-on-one level (as a tutor) and as a lecturer. Over the past fifteen years he has tutored sciences and high school mathematics and continues to be a full time professor at John Abbott College.


Ulli has a Master’s degree in Education. She taught at the primary level in the public school system for thirteen years. She has been enjoying a satisfying career as a tutor of English and Math at the Lansdowne Centre for over seventeen years.


Wendy has been working with Lansdowne for over twenty-five years as a tutor in elementary math and English. Prior to tutoring, she was a full time teacher at St. George’s Elementary School. Wendy has a BA in Child Psychology and diplomas in Education and Special Education.