Since 1972
1000 Lucerne Road, suite 200
Town of Mount Royal, QC H3R 2H9

What We Do

Our goal

Lansdowne's goal is to help our students become successful, strategic and independent learners.

Our students

At Lansdowne, we address many different kinds of learning needs.

Some of our students have learning disabilities. These are intelligent students who may be discouraged and underachieving because they are struggling with reading, writing, math, organization or study strategies.

We also work with students who are maintaining good marks and feel that extra time to review schoolwork and newly learned concepts in a one-on-one tutoring situation helps them become even more successful in school.

Lansdowne provides tutoring for students at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels.

Our staff

Lansdowne's staff consists of experienced tutors and consulting psychologists. Their varied backgrounds range from public and private school teaching experience, to working with exceptional children in various settings in English and in French. Tutors and consulting psychologists confer with parents, teachers and other professionals when required.

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what we do

Maya and Olivier during one of their lessons.